Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sexual Crimes: The Hard Truth About “Forcible Touching”

Forcible touching is a crime that includes in its punitive stages a sex offender registration.  New York City sex attorneys have a hard time explaining to people from surrounding regions the seriousness of this crime in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.  Grabbing someone’s person in a sexual way—sometimes even in a flirtatious way can have lifelong consequences.  What many people would think of as a “harmless” act can still be considered “forcible touching”.  Slapping someone on his or her bottom could be forcible touching.  Pinching someone’s bottom can be “forcible touching”.  Making potential clients understand the severity of what they’ve been charged with is difficult considering that many of the acts that can be classified under this charge weren’t considered sex crimes in the recent past, and in fact have been seen in movies from the eighties as part of workplace harassment humor.  Instead of receiving a dirty look or slap to the face, individuals who took the risk and patted someone on the bottom can now be looking at either a sex offender registry or high legal bill.

New York criminal attorneys will fight to mitigate the charge to a lesser offense.  Our attorneys have been able to do for our clients in the past, but it was by no means a cake walk.  If you have been charged with this offense you would do well to take it seriously.  All too often we hear: It was JUST a pat on the butt.  What we’d rather hear is: I accidentally brushed up against him/her.  You need to take the charge seriously because your NYC sex offense lawyer certainly will and will need your help in creating a defense that will stick in court.

Sex offender registries are not something you want to be on. Ever.  If you’ve been charged with this type of sex crime—even if you feel that the circumstances make it “no big deal” do yourself a favor and get a good NYC criminal lawyer.

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