Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NYC Weapons Charges: What to Do When You’ve Been Caught with a Weapon Without Appropriate Licensing

As a New york city defense attorney I receive hundreds of calls each month from individuals who have been charged with weapon possession in New York.   Usually these types of charges are leveled at transplants or commuters who have a) no idea that such a prohibition exists, and b) the severity of the crime.  The Constitutionality of such laws can be argued back and forth, but as the laws of New York currently stand any possession of a firearm outside the process of arduous registration through appropriate licensing officer is illegal and punishable by fines and/or incarceration.   The licensing fees for handguns are extremely high and the application process expensive and lengthy.  These facts can be a deterrent to appropriate gun ownership, but considering the alternative if caught with a weapon it is wisest to follow the law to it letter.  Unlawful weapons possession is a serious offense in the eyes of the courts.

If, however, you were unfortunate enough to be charged with weapons possession charges you should contact an attorney right away.  It will be necessary to mitigate the offense through the same type of process it would have taken to obtain licensure in the first place.  This takes time, proving what an upstanding citizen you are, so waiting until two days before your court appearance isn’t the wisest choice you could make for yourself—especially if you are considering leaving your case in the hands of an already overworked staff at the public defenders or legal aid offices.  Our criminal lawyers routinely work through these types of cases to create a conclusion that does not include incarceration or a damaging indictment upon your personal record. 

Weapons possession charges are serious offenses in New York.  Finding the right NYC criminal lawyer is of vital importance to retaining your freedom.


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