Thursday, April 25, 2013

Terrorism Laws 101

Crime of Terrorism

The crime ofterrorism in New York is considered a class A-I felony offense and a serious violent felony crime. New York Statute 490.25 states that a person may be found guilty of the crime of terrorism when they intend to intimidate or coerce civilians or influence government policy or affect the conduct of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping. If convicted, a person could face loss of constitutional rights such as the right to vote, serve life in prison without parole or a death sentence when the terrorist offense is considered murder in the first degree, and other consequences.

Terrorist acts cause emotional, physical and economic harm to the victims, their families and society at large. Ever since 911, the laws have become stricter and law enforcement and prosecutors are vigilant about stopping, catching and making convictions. Fighting a terrorism charge in New York requires the expertise and assistance of an experienced New York criminal defense lawyer.

Other Related Charges

There are other related charges you could be convicted of even if you did not commit a terrorist act. You could be convicted of hindering prosecution of a terrorist in the second degree under New York Statute Section 490.30 or hindering prosecution of a terrorist in the first degree if someone was killed during a terrorist act, under Section 490.35, if you give aid to a person who you know has engaged in such terrorist act.
In addition, you could also face a charge of criminal possession of a chemical weapon or biological weapon in the first degree, second degree or third degree if there was intent to use it to cause serious injury or death to someone under New York Statute Sections 490.37, 490.40 or 490.45. Criminal possession of a chemical weapon or biological weapon in the first degree is a considered a class A-I felony, in the second degree a class A-II felony and in the third degree a class B felony.

The consequences of being accused of making a terrorist threat, participating in a terrorist act or being accused of hindering the prosecution of a terrorist can have long lasting implications on your life. If convicted, you face serious penalties and jail time or even the death penalty. A New City criminal defense attorney is trained and skilled at helping clients facing terrorist charges. Our experienced NY criminal defense attorneys will investigate the evidence, talk to witnesses, and above all make sure that your rights are protected. 

We will help you fight the charges by building strong defenses on your behalf. Being falsely accused of such a serious crime can be quite frightening to someone who has never been arrested before. That is why we will be with you every step of the way until your case has been resolved in a fair, equitable and just manner.


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